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SMLXL Bio – for 2019 SIZE release


Sounds Like:


If XTC were to have babies with Blur, whilst still going on dates with Crowded House and occasionally seeing a young Radiohead on the side.


Layered, elaborate, melodic guitar pop. SMLXL have taken the sounds of the 70s and 80s and modernised it with a polyphonic tapestry of driven sonic guitars, luscious harmonies, and masterfully crafted song writing. It invokes old souls for modern ears.


Who are they:


SMLXL is Jarrod Murphy (Songwriter, vocals, multi-instruments), Jason DeWilde (Guitars and studio trickery) and Andy Tolhurst (Guitars and valued production contributions).


SMLXL was originally formed some 20 years ago by Jarrod and Jason but after the sad death of their drummer they split into a variety of music projects. Jason dived into studio production and education, Jarrod released albums with bands Major and The Cops. The latter gaining notoriety via lots of radio airplay, extensive touring with festival spots, and appearances in 2006/07 triple J hottest 100s.


Jason and Jarrod have brought new life to SMLXL with the addition of Andy, who skilfully attacks his guitar with a desire to avoid clichés. All three were once together in 90s Sydney indie band Pelican Jed and are long time best mates.


So, these guys have the experience, the chops and the desire to bring Art-Rock-Power-Pop to the masses, showing that hooks and catchy choruses can also be accompanied by multi layered tracking and elaborate arrangements.


What’s new?


‘SIZE’ is the new album, the first LP release by SMLXL, due for release in February 2019.


It follows their 2016 release ‘The LINKS EP’ and continues the pop exploration that this EP suggested. ‘The LINKS EP’ had reviews saying ‘…the music is immersive, dramatic, ironic and comfortably eclectic…’ (Divide and Conquer Music) and ‘…pop classicism of the eternal model…’ (Themusic.com.au)


SIZE contains 11 tracks that explore the depths of SMLXLs song writing and unique delivery that will please power pop and art pop fans alike. Tracks like the first single ‘Kristy G’ pounds with a classic power pop intensity and is layered with guitar hooks and the story of ‘love and must have’ at first sight. It’s a song that is destined to be a classic and a go to for lovers of early 80s influenced angular sounds of XTC and Elvis Costello.


Other highlights on SIZE are tracks like ‘Big Cheese’ stomps with an instantly catchy melody accompanied by lyrics that are provocative yet accessible. Big Cheese is about questioning the myths and fables that are presented as truths by religions, that are clearly poetic metaphors and not literal history. ‘…where’s the wonder in the cherish of a fable, a random star only to chance over a stable…’


‘Big Part Of Your Plan’ about the desire to be included in all plans of a love interest and how that inclusion makes a person want to be their best version, and tracks like ‘Higher’ that shows SMLXL explore a more ambient and sonic groove, with lyrics like ‘…where else is patience? If not here, then where is here?...’ about the nature of consciousness and quest to make sense of the world… Deep.


For all information regarding SMLXL please contact www.theaandrdepartment.com


A and R Department contacts:

Managing Director/Producer/A&R

Matt O


Talent Scout & Head of Development

Alex K


Label Manager

Adelle J


Publicity Manager

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